Taxpayer Advocate Ensen Mason recently received the most coveted Taxpayer’s friend endorsement in the State of California. The prestigious Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA), created by the author of Proposition 13 Howard Jarvis, unanimously endorsed Ensen based on his 30 year record of service to taxpayers fighting government overreach.

Ensen is a Member of the HJTA, and has represented taxpayers against government agencies in San Bernardino County for the past three decades. Ensen met with HJTA President Jon Coupal recently to discuss how they could work together to limit excessive taxation and government overreach.

Other influential taxpayer organizations such as the California Taxpayer Protection Committee and the High Desert Taxpayers Association in San Bernardino County climbed on the Mason bandwagon long ago as he continues to build momentum against appointed incumbent Oscar Valdez. Valdez is a career bureaucrat handpicked by politicians to fill the vacancy created two years ago by resignation of then-incumbent Larry Walker.

Insider Valdez has been part of the Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector staff during every local government scandal of the last 18 years, yet did nothing to stop them! No wonder the politicians picked him to represent them as the new “appointed incumbent”!

Ensen Mason has never worked for the government at any level. He has only represented taxpayers, is committed to representing only them, and to rooting out the corruption that has long plagued San Bernardino County government.

“I’m proud that taxpayer organizations recognize my leadership” commented Mason. “I will always represent the people and not the bureaucrats”.