Candidate for Redlands Unified School District Governing Board

About Ensen Mason

Ensen Mason owns Mason Financial Services, a Registered Investment Adviser and Certified Public Accountant with the State of California.  He has been providing personalized financial services to his clients since 1988 and has been located in the Citibank building on East States Street since 2012.

He is running for Redlands School Board because he believes his strong background in accounting and finance would be a valuable contribution to the school board.  He has previous school board service and is familiar with how school districts operate, especially from an accounting perspective.

He is concerned at the number of children that graduate high school without a solid game plan for the next steps in their life.  Our present educational system assumes every child will be going to college, which is fine for the kids headed for careers that require it.  But it does a grave disservice to the more than half of children that won’t be in a career that requires college.  They are often saddled with unnecessary student loan debt and lose valuable time in a classroom when they could be learning a trade or skill.